Is Trump About to Pull the Trigger on the Fed?

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been building a case that the Fed and President Trump are at war with one another.

To review, the basic outline is as follows:

  1. The Fed participated in the Deep State’s coup against President Trump, intentionally hurt the U.S. economy and the U.S. stock market by aggressively hiking interest rates and shrinking its balance sheet by $600 billion.
  1. President Trump caught on to this scheme in late 2018. Since that time, he has been planning his revenge – bullying the Fed in to easing policy again, with the ultimate goal of eventually taking over the Fed by designating the control of the U.S. dollar as a matter of national security.

The transition to taking over the Fed would not happen all at once. Instead, the first option would be to demote current chair Jerome Powell and replace him with someone else.

That someone would likely be St. Louis Fed President James Bullard.

Trump’s Laying the Groundwork for New Fed Chair

Indeed, the President quoted Bullard yesterday after the Fed’s screw-up resulted in the market falling hard:

Donald J. Trump

Moreover, Bullard hinted at the move just two weeks ago:

St. Louis Fed President James Bullard told reporters Friday that he would be interested in becoming chair of the Federal Reserve, but says he has not been called on for a position.

“Fed chair is, of course, something I’d love to do,” Bullard said. “I’ve been in the Fed all my life, all my professional career, and if I ever got that honor I would certainly take it.”

Bullard added that his phone “hasn’t been ringing off the hook to get” the Fed job, and that “the stars have to align for that to happen.”

Source: Yahoo! News. [Emphasis my own.]

Remember, Bullard could never admit he’s been offered the job already. Doing so would create a media circus.

One of the Trump administration’s favorite strategies for introducing a controversial idea is to leak it to the media little by little over the course of a prolonged period. They do this so that by the time the actual legislation is introduced, the general public has already gotten comfortable with it.

They did this with the Tax Plan, the Border Crisis, and it now appears as if they’re doing it with the Fed by preparing for Jerome Powell’s departure and his replacement with James Bullard.

A change like this would have an incredible impact on the markets.

Those who pick the right side of these trades could generate literal fortunes.

In fact, I’ve spent the last six months developing a trading strategy to profit from central bank interventions.

In the last month alone, we’ve seen gains of 67% in two days’ time, 75% in five days’ time, even 100% in four days’ time.

And we just closed out another winner – a 79% gain in just two days!

I’ll tell you all about it very shortly, but suffice to say, the opportunity to generate literal fortunes from central bank insanity is here.

Best Regards,

Graham Summers


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