Part 5: Stocks Will Hold Up a Week of Two More, Then Look Out

As I noted throughout last week, the markets have at most one to two more weeks of stability before the “floors come out.”

Friday’s collapse was just a taste of what I think is coming. Stocks collapsed over 2% in a single day with the S&P 500 falling to test support in the trading range I’ve been tracking.

first chart

We are due for a bounce today, but the momentum is now DOWN. We are likely to find stocks down in the 2,700’s shortly. That is CRITICAL support (orange line in the chart below). And that is where we’ll get a decent bounce.

second chart

However, the big picture is looking worse and worse for the stock market. Given what’s happening globally, I think there is a solid chance that stocks will find their way down to the lower blue line below, in the expanding pattern I’ve been tracking since mid-2018.

third chart

My timeline for this is somewhere in the late September-October window.

So the big question is… how do you make money from this?

“Get In, Make Money, Get Out”

The simple answer is: the currency markets.

As soon as stocks breakdown in a major way, global central banks will hit the “panic” button and start intervening in the markets.

This is going to turn the currency markets into a trader’s paradise, with one currency after another dropping hard as central banks move to devalue them.

For anyone who knows how to “get in, make money, and get out” this will represent one of the greatest trading opportunities in history.

This is why I’ve spent the last six months developing a proprietary trading system, Alpha Currency Profits, to do exactly that.

Since its creation, Alpha Currency Profits has shown returns of 52% in two days, 75% in five days, 79% in four days, and even 100% in just four days.

And mind you, those are just the gains we’ve seen since early JUNE!

If you’re interested in seeing these kinds of returns, you can find out more about this unique trading system below… and the best part is, we’re trading currencies without touching the dangerous foreign exchange (FOREX) market!

To find out more.

Best Regards,

Graham Summers
Editor, Money & Crisis

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