Markets Move Based on Liquidity, NOT the Economy

If you’re looking to see REAL, life changing returns from your investments, one of the single most important things to know is that markets move based on liquidity, NOT the economy.

Perhaps the single best example of this was the period from 2009-2017.

By practically every measure, the U.S. economy was weak at best throughout this time period. The economy didn’t have a single year in which GDP growth hit 3%. Over 90% of jobs created during this time period were part-time. And the number of people who were of working age but not working rose by 14 million.

And yet, despite this pathetic economic performance stocks more than doubled during this time period.

The Fed Just Pumped Massive Liquidity


Because the Fed provided over $3 TRILLION in liquidity to the financial system during this time period.

To be clear here, there are times when the economy can have a profound impact on the markets. But those times are typically brief and based on significant surprises, such as a recession or a sudden and unexpected boom.

Every other time, it is liquidity that drives markets.

Which is why anyone who is paying attention to what the Fed is doing is getting ready to “pull the trigger” on some incredible gains.

Major Market Moves are Coming

In the last four weeks, the Fed has pumped $180 BILLION into the financial system.

That is not a typo. $180 BILLION, or more than TWO TIMES as much liquidity as the Fed pumped into the system during its last major QE program (QE 3 provided $80 billion in liquidity per month).

The Fed’s balance sheet has gone almost vertical.

The Fed Kept the Markets Strong

This means we are on the cusp of MAJOR market moves. And while the average investor will be using stocks to see average returns, smart investors will be using the Fed’s activity to play the single greatest market on the planet.

I’m talking about currencies.

Currencies are True Profit Drivers

Stocks typically return 7% on average per year. During exception years, you might see 20% returns.

My Alpha Currency Profits subscribers, who instead trade currencies, see THREE TIMES those kinds of returns in in a single week.

I’m not kidding.

On August 30 2019, Alpha Currency Profits recorded an “Alpha Signal” in the Australian Dollar.

To be clear, an Alpha Signal is a proprietary signal I’ve developed that tells me when a currency gets overstretched and its central bank is about to step in to intervene.

At that time, I sent out at trade alert to Alpha Currency Profits subscribers, telling them to bet on the Australian Dollar strengthening.

I also outlined the exact investment to buy to profit from this, as well as the price to buy it at. Over the next five days, the Australian Dollar rose 1.2%. That’s a HUGE move for a currency in five days.

And it translated to a 63% gain for Alpha Currency Profits subscribers.

63% in five days. Not 22 months. FIVE DAYS.

This is a regular occurrence for Alpha Currency Profits.

Since its launch, it has shown traders returns of:

  • 52% in two days
  • 63% in five days
  • 75% in five days
  • 79% in four days
  • Even 100% in just four days.

Now, I know you’re probably thinking, “That’s great Graham, your system produces big winners. But how do I know you’re not also seeing big losers?”

We’re showing traders a win rate of 85%, meaning we’re making money on OVER eight out of every 10 trades we make.

In the trading world, a win rate like this – with every single winner in the double digits – is UNHEARD OF.

So you can continue to invest in stocks if you like. But if you’d rather see a 60% return in five days, instead of waiting 22 months, take out a 90-day risk free trial to my Alpha Currency Profits research service.

To do so…


Best Regards,

Graham Summers
Editor, Money & Crisis

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