The Greatest Trading Environment of Our Lifetimes

Unbeknownst to most investors, the Fed has just created the single greatest trading environment of our lifetimes.

I do not use that language loosely.

You see, as a trader, I look for situations in which the market opens the door to MASSIVE returns.

I’m not talking about making 7% a year with stocks… I’m talking about making gains like 73%, 76%, even 100% in as little as FOUR days.

These kinds of opportunities exist in any market, but in order for them to become a REGULAR occurrence, we need one thing to happen.

We need the Fed to flood the financial system with liquidity. And the Fed is now doing that… in spades.

The Fed is Staging Incredible Monetary Interventions

Case in point: The Fed just expanded its balance sheet by $280 BILLION in 10 weeks.

Yes, $280 billion, or over a quarter of a TRILLION dollars. See for yourself.

Massive Liquid in the Financial System

The last time the Fed expanded its balance sheet this fast was in September 2008 – right when Lehman Brothers failed and the financial system was imploding.

The big difference between then and now is that at that time, stocks were in the midst of the worst crisis in 80 years, unemployment was over 6%, and GDP was collapsing into a deep recession.

This time around, stocks are at all-time highs, unemployment is at 3.6%, and the economy is growing at 2%. Put another way, everything is going GREAT. And the Fed is flooding the financial system with liquidity.

In my world, big monetary interventions + a strong economy = MASSIVE returns.

A Trader’s Paradise

Indeed, the last time the Fed did this was in 1998. I think everyone remembers what followed: the markets became a trader’s paradise, in which investors were locking in double- even triple-digit gains on a weekly basis.

Now, we are about to enter a similar time period. And with the right trading strategy, investors will be able to land LITERAL fortunes.

I’m not just saying that.

I’ve spent the last nine months developing a proprietary system for trading central bank actions like the one the Fed just started. And since its launch, it has handed traders returns of:

  • 52% in two days
  • 63% in five days
  • 75% in five days
  • 79% in four days
  • Even 100% in just four days.

Imagine doubling your money in less than a week!

$1,000 turns into $2,000 in just four days. $5,000 turns into $10,000…

But here’s the really good part.

My new system is delivering a small group of readers an 83% win rate! So for the 18 trades we’ve made, we’ve booked profits on 15 of them.

In the trading field, an 83% win rate – with every single winner in the double digits – is UNHEARD OF.

And best of all… this was BEFORE the Fed even announced its latest QE scheme.

Now that the Fed has the printing presses cranking again, I see lots of opportunities arising this week.

As the markets digest these new Fed moves, I am opening up my service to a few new readers.

Head to the Alpha Currency Profits page to learn more.

Best Regards,

Graham Summers
Editor, Money & Crisis

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