The Fed Has Unleashed a TSUNAMI of Liquidity

As I mentioned last week, the Fed is now unleashing the greatest trading environment of our lifetimes.

The context here is simple.

Markets don’t really care about the economy or any of the other items that economists and talking heads worry about.

Yes, there are times when the economy matters a whole lot to stocks. But for the most part, the economy is a side issue. Instead stocks care about one thing: liquidity.

And the Fed is now providing this in spades.

The Fed has now expanded its balance sheet by $288 BILLION in then last 10 weeks. As I write this, the Fed balance sheet is now back over $4 trillion and expanding at an annualized pace of $1.2 trillion-plus per year.

Massive Liquidity in the Financial System

On top of this, the Fed is also providing $125 billion in liquidity every night via its overnight repo operations, as well as another $45 billion in term repo operations.

Put simply, the Fed has unleashed a TSUNAMI of liquidity.

And the financial system LOVES it.

Especially the currency markets.

The Real Source of Major Profits in the Markets

Stocks get most of the attention from the financial media because most investors think of them as the most important asset class.

However, stocks are not where the BIG money is if you’re looking to make a fortune from the markets.

Consider this: Even with the Fed pumping the financial system with over $250 billion in liquidity in the last two months, the stock market is up a mere 10%.

Stocks Deliver Modest Returns at Best

Over that same time period, my currency trading system, Alpha Currency Profits, locked in gains of:

  • 34% in 1 day
  • 52% in six days
  • 54% in two days
  • And 74% in nine days.

Which would you rather have: 10% in 10 weeks… or 34% in a single day?

This is a regular occurrence for Alpha Currency Profits.

Since its launch, it has shown traders returns of:

  • 52% in two days
  • 63% in five days
  • 75% in five days
  • 79% in four days
  • Even 100% in just four days.

We’re showing traders a win rate of 85%, meaning we’re making money on OVER eight out of every 10 trades we make.

In the trading world, a win rate like this – with every single winner in the double digits – is UNHEARD OF.

If you’re interested in seeing these kinds of returns, you can find out more about this unique trading system below… and the best part is, we’re trading currencies without touching the dangerous FOREX market!

To find out more…

Head to the Alpha Currency Profits page on the website.

Best Regards,

Graham Summers
Editor, Money & Crisis

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