Reviewing Our Money & Crisis Forecast From August 2019

Three months ago, I outlined three investment ideas to Money & Crisis readers.

As a brief recap, they were:

  • Gold would correct
  • Short – to intermediate-term bond yields would rise
  • U.S. stocks would correct to the 2,700s, then bounce hard.

I posted this forecast on August 19, 2019. Let’s see how they’ve performed since then.

Forecast #1: Gold Would Correct

Gold spiked to one final high soon after my forecast. It then dropped over $100 per ounce to $1,455. This has been a slam dunk as far as forecasts.

One Final High For Gold

Forecast #2: Bond Yields Would Rise

The yield on the 10-Year U.S. Treasury has exploded higher from a low of 1.475% to 1.825% where it sits now. So here again, Money & Crisis was dead on!

Bond Yield Have Exploded Higher

Which brings us to #3…

Forecast #3: The S&P 500 Would Correct Before Bouncing Hard   

Stocks did indeed correct almost immediately after my forecast, falling to an intraday low of 2,834 on the S&P 500. They then ignited higher, rising over 8% to new all-time highs.

Stocks Fell...

I was off by 34 points on my downside target, but the big bounce did indeed arrive! Objectively, I’d give this forecast a B+.

All in all, we were right on two-and-a-half out of our three forecasts. Anyone who followed these investment ideas made good money in those three months.

The big question now is… what comes next?

When Politics Collide with Profits…

The answer is somewhat complicated. And it has a lot to do with an unusual development I uncovered a few months ago…

It all started with an un-reported meeting at the White House in February. While there is no official record of the meeting, a White House spokesperson has now admitted the meeting did take place.

Now, after months of research, I’ve uncovered what was discussed at this meeting.

I’ve put together a report outlining who was there… what was discussed… why Trump’s strategy will ultimately succeed… AND the stock that will soar once he lands his second term in office.


Best Regards,

Graham Summers
Editor, Money & Crisis

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