Dinner with the Trump Family

The primary goal for Money & Crisis is to provide you with high impact investment analysis.

For that reason, I try to avoid politics and other non-investment/financial related items on these pages.

However, a couple of weeks ago something extraordinary happened. I want to share it with you now because it provides some insight into how the U.S. media works – along with the importance of doing your own homework.

What exactly happened?

I saw the President of the United States. In person. Along with his wife and son, Barron.

My wife and I were out to dinner at BLT Prime at the Trump International Hotel on Pennsylvania Ave in Washington D.C. And it was quite a night.

[Disclaimer: As I’ve stated many times in the past, I don’t care for politics. At all. It is an ugly business. And when I go to a restaurant, I don’t care if the owner is conservative or liberal, Republican or Democrat. All I care about is the quality of the food and the quality of the service.]

The entrance to the hotel was blocked off with multiple large black SUVs. That was the first sign that something unusual was happening.

A man was walking with a bomb-sniffing dog along the sidewalk. And a member of the Secret Service stopped us from using valet.

Once inside the hotel, members of the Secret Service scanned both my wife and myself with metal detectors. This happened again at the entrance to the restaurant. And as we made our way to our table, we noticed members of the Secret Service patrolling the restaurant.

Once seated, my wife and I ordered champagne. The waiter was just explaining the various cuts of steak available when the entire hotel and restaurant erupted with cheers and screams.

The president of the United States had just walked in the door. Along with the First Lady and their son, Barron.

Along with everyone else in the restaurant, I rose to see what was going on. It was then that President Trump came up the stairs to the restaurant along with Secret Service and the First Family.

I was standing three feet from the most powerful man in the world.

My Experience Differs from the Media’s Claims

The president is oftentimes mocked in the media for being mean-spirited or rude. Journalists claim he is awkward, offensive, and self-centered.

My impression of the man was that he was very gracious, taking time to acknowledge those around him. He made eye contact, waved, smiled, and engaged with the people who came to see him up close. There was nothing fake or artificial in his demeanor or his attitude.

Regarding his family, we’ve all read the disgusting accusations leveled against President Trump’s personal life. The media like to portray the president as being distant from his wife and son. We are told he and Melania are barely on speaking terms and that he rarely engages with his son at all.

Here again, my own experience is completely the opposite.

Trump walked up the stairs to the restaurant first to personally survey the situation at the restaurant so that his wife and son were fully protected from any potentially challenging circumstances.

Once seated, it was clear the family was very close. The president and his wife told jokes, playfully touching one another on the hands or arms and smiling throughout the night.

Moreover, it was clear that both the president and his wife love their son. Barron sat between them, and they listened thoughtfully to him when he spoke.

Put simply, my impression of the First Family is that they are warm, loving, and personable. There were NO signs of drama or any interpersonal issues whatsoever. Anyone watching would have seen a normal, happy family out to dinner together on a Saturday night.

I tell you this story for an important reason.

An Important Lesson in Successful Investing

A major part of successful investing is being able to objectively perceive what’s really happening in the markets. The difference between a successful investor and one who loses money is the former’s ability to “cut through the noise” by doing his or her homework/own research.

Applying this to my experience the other night, I can honestly state that the media’s portrayal of the president and his family are nothing like reality.

After having dinner within 30 feet of the First Family, I believe the media is completely off-base in their assessment of them. Small wonder so few of them correctly predicted his election win in 2016.

And it’s even less surprising that so few in the media understand the policies President Trump is employing to guarantee he wins the 2020 election in a landslide.

Perhaps you’ve heard…

No sitting president has lost his re-election bid unless the economy or the stock market were in trouble.

Ford, Carter, and Hoover were all sitting presidents during incredible financial upheaval. None of them made a second term.

President Trump knows this.

And he’s making choices right now that I believe will drive the market to NOSEBLEED levels in the next 12 months.

I know, trade wars with China wage on, impeachment hearings continue in the nation’s capital, and no fewer than 9,300 retail stores (Payless, Dressbarn, Family Dollar, and more) will close by the end of 2019, according to Business Insider.

But hear this: none of that matters.

I’ve been following this story all year. In fact, the roots of the story date back to October of 2018. The forces at play here trump all of that. And the result will be twofold:

  • Trump will win the 2020 election in a landslide
  • The people who understand how he wins will be in a position to change their financial outlook considerably.

I reveal the full story, including how to profit, in Strategic Impact. Head to that page on the website to learn more.

Best Regards,

Graham Summers
Editor, Money & Crisis

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