Technical Market Update: The Correction Hit, Now Comes Consolidation

Another correct prediction for Money & Crisis!

In late November, I predicted a correction was coming for stocks. (Here’s the original writeup.)

And that correction hit earlier this week.

If you’ll recall, I warned that the correction would likely prove shallow. And it did. The S&P 500 fell to only 3,070 or so before bouncing hard.

The door is now open to the next leg higher. But it might take a few weeks before this move begins. The last two times the S&P 500 corrected we had consolidation periods of four weeks and two weeks respectively (dark blue squares in the chart below).

Chart: Consolidation Likely Before any Significant Rally

So while I fully expect stocks will stage a run to new highs in early 2020, the markets might use up most of December consolidating before this move begins.

In the big picture, stocks remain in a relatively young bull market.

While most of the media claim stocks entered a bull market in 2009, the reality is that stocks were in a bear market during which they went NOWHERE from 1997-2013.

Put another way, this bull market only just began in 2013.

See for yourself:

Chart: It's Still Early Stages for the Current Bull Market

I fully expect this new bull market to take stocks to truly NOSEBLEED levels in the coming months, which is why I have subscribers of my Strategic Impact newsletter invested in several key trades designed to more than TRIPLE the stock market’s performance.

As I write this, all of those key positions are UP. And I fully expect them to produce triple- if not quadruple-digit gains in the coming months.

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Best Regards,

Graham Summers
Editor, Money & Crisis

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