Warning: The Next Fed Intervention is About to Hit (Here’s How to Profit!)

Over the last week, I’ve laid out in crystal clear terms that the Fed is rigging the profit market.

Unlike other central banks, which buy stocks as investments as part of their quantitative easing (QE) programs…

The Fed buys stocks as interventions in order to prop the market up.

The Fed does this because technically, it isn’t supposed to be buying stocks at all. By going through interventions to stop the markets from breaking down, the Fed can skirt the illegality of this activity by claiming it’s doing this to maintain “financial stability” (which is in the Fed’s official mandate).

Here’s how it works…

Whenever the market begins to break down, the Fed waits until trading volume gets light (usually around 9:50AM-10AM). It then places a large indiscriminate buy order in one or more of the four largest stocks on the market (Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, and Facebook).

These four companies represent 11% of the stock market. And if the Fed can get them to rally, the algorithms that comprise 90% of all market volume will do the rest, buying everything in sight.

BOOM! The market rallies, and the breakdown is contained.

And by the look of things, the Fed is about to stage its next intervention this morning.

My Interventions Triggers Are Flashing “Here It Comes!”

As I write this, the futures markets are in the red. Which means the stock market will be opening sharply down.

This is PRECISELY the kind of environment in which the Fed steps in to prop the market up.

I’m already getting signals that the Fed could intervene this morning.

And I’m lining up the next trade for my Ghost Money Trader subscribers…

I’ve spent the last nine months developing the trading strategy behind Ghost Money Trader.

This service is designed to do one thing…

ACCURATELY predict when the Fed is going to intervene in the markets.

Does it work?

See for yourself…

Already, this system has produced gains of:

  • 22% in 35 minutes
  • 56% in 100 minutes
  • 70% in 130 minutes
  • 85% in 90 minutes
  • 123% in 65 minutes
  • And even 367% in one day.

We’re talking about double- and triple-digit gains in less time than it takes to watch a movie…

More like the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee!

Best of all, literally ANYONE can do this. And because my system does all the hard work for you, it takes less than 10 minutes to follow.

Already I’m getting signals that our next trade is going to be this morning. So if you want in on it, you better move fast!

All you need to do to get started is click here now.

Best Regards,

Graham Summers
Editor, Money & Crisis

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