Accidental Fortunes

Alexander was a slob.

You’d think that a world-renowned scientist would be neat and detailed in his workplace, but if you stepped into Alex’s laboratory, you’d think it was managed by a teenager, not a great medical mind.

And that sloppiness actually made him a legend.

One day, while sick with a cold, Alex put some of his mucous in a petri dish. In classic fashion, he subsequently lost the experiment in the clutter around his laboratory… for two weeks.

Alex never meant to lose track of the dish. It was a complete mistake. And by the time he remembered and went looking for it, the petri dish became completely overrun with mold.

However, certain spots around the areas where he’d placed his mucous remained clear. This discovery was what eventually lead to Alex (Alexander Fleming) discovering penicillin, the first ever antibiotic that would subsequently save millions of lives, revolutionize medicine, and earn him the Nobel Prize for Medicine.

History has shown us that many of our most successful (and lucrative) discoveries occurred by complete accident.

Vaseline… Sweet‘N Low… the microwave… X-rays… even Viagra were all discovered by accident while researchers or scientists were actually looking for something else.

I can certainly relate to this, but I would never dare to place myself in the same class as men like Alexander Fleming.

However, I can say with 100% certainty that the single greatest discovery of my career – which has produced the most successful trading strategy I’ve ever seen – was discovered by total accident.

The Greatest, Most Profitable Discovery of My Trading Career

It all started in early 2019, when I had yet another trade blow up in my face.

Now, I’ve been actively involved in the markets long enough that it’s not often a trade surprises me anymore.

Don’t get me wrong, I have losing trades just like anyone else. What I’m saying is that it’s extremely unusual for me to have trades that act in truly bizarre and unexpected ways.

And in early 2019 this was happening almost every week.

Here’s what happened…

The markets would open sharply DOWN. Seeing this, I would begin buying puts (options trades that profit when something falls) on various securities, particularly those that had been experiencing pronounced weakness the day before.

Then, suddenly, and without any warning, ALL of those securities would suddenly ERUPT higher.

What made these moves even more bizarre were that they were happening at roughly the same time of day (9:50AM-10AM EST). And as if that wasn’t odd enough, these violent rallies were occurring on almost NO volume, meaning that real investors were not driving them.

And this was happening almost every week.

Now, what I was discovering was nowhere near the significance of penicillin. But I knew something BIG was going on in the markets. And I started digging deeper into this weird market phenomenon.

What followed was labyrinthian journey into the guts of the financial system. It took several months, but after countless hours of research, I came to a startling conclusion.

I 100% believe the Fed is actively intervening in the stock market.

I don’t mean indirect interventions via rate cuts or quantitative easing (QE) programs… I mean that I believe the Fed is LITERALLY buying stocks directly to stop the stock market from falling.

And I’ve recently developed a proprietary trading research strategy to cash in on it.

It’s specifically designed to accurately predict when the Fed is pouring money into stocks using what I call “ghost money”.

This new service is called Ghost Money Trader.

Since its launch a few weeks back, this strategy has an amazing 100% success rate for subscribers…

Ghost Money Trader is the only system I know that tracks what I think are these massive Fed interventions in real time.

So you can get ahead of these major market moves before they happen.

Giving you the chance to pull thousands of dollars from the stock market every week.

I’m convinced that this is the easiest and most profitable trading strategy in the world.

Just “buy” when my “ghost money” system triggers in the morning… and then get out with thousands in potential profits by lunchtime.

You can receive the full rundown in Ghost Money Trader… and have the chance to get in on the next opportunity for potential profits at the link below.

As soon as you subscribe, you’ll receive my next urgent “ghost money” trade alert as soon as it hits my system.

A new opportunity is set to signal at any time…

Click here now for all the details. 

Best Regards,

Graham Summers
Editor, Money & Crisis

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