WARNING: The Experts Lied About COVID-19

Yesterday, I wrote to you about the Federal Reserve’s major lie to the world.

It claimed it would buy corporate bonds with unlimited funds on March 23, 2020.

However, the fact is that as of yesterday, May 5, the Fed has yet to buy a single bond.

The general public only found out about this scam because billionaire bond fund manager Jeffrey Gundlach tweeted about it to his 142,000 Twitter followers and the story went viral.

Again, the Fed lied to us.

However, the Fed’s lies, while reprehensible, at least served the purpose of ending a market panic. Today, I’d like to write to you concerning a far more insidious lie… the one that created the panic.

I’m talking about the COVID–19 lie.

A False Panic

To be clear, COVID–19 is a real, and horrible illness. In no way am I making light of this virus nor of the poor individuals who lost their lives, or the lives of loved ones to this illness.

However, it is now clear that the “experts” who told us that we needed to shut down the world to stop this illness were either lying or incompetent.

I’m talking particularly about Dr. Neil Ferguson, the man who lead the team at Imperial College in London to produce a model that claimed TWO MILLION people would die if we didn’t immediately shut down the entire world.

Dr. Ferguson is touted as some kind of epidemiological genius. However, the reality is that no matter how intelligent Dr. Ferguson might be, his predictions are utter garbage.

This might sound harsh, so consider the following:

  • He predicted that the Swine Flu would kill 65,000 in the U.K. (it killed 282 globally between 2003 and 2009).[1]
  • He also predicted that the Bird Flu would kill 200 MILLION (it killed less than 1,000).[2]
  • And with COVID–19, he originally claimed that two million people would die, only to then change his forecast to claim that the real number would be closer to 20,000 and that TWO–THIRDS of the people who died probably would have done so anyway.[3]

Look, I get it… everyone makes mistakes. But this guy has made nothing but doomsday–type predictions for decades and ALL of them were off by more than 98%.

If a medical doctor, plumber, or electrician was incorrect by 98% on their work, he or she would be unemployed and facing multiple court cases. Somehow Dr. Ferguson is untouchable.

That is, until recently.

Yesterday, Dr. Ferguson resigned from his job because he was caught violating the VERY RULES he pushed on the world in order to have an affair with a married woman.

Yes, Dr. Ferguson violated the “stay at home” order, the very policy he defended on the radio just one week ago (despite the fact that new data suggests it doesn’t work) in order to have a MARRIED WOMAN come to his house for private time.

As if that was not ludicrous enough… Dr. Ferguson had actually tested positive for the coronavirus just two weeks before doing all of this. And the woman involved stated that she believed her husband also had the illness.

It is often said that actions speak louder than words. Dr. Ferguson’s actions indicate that he was perfectly willing to spread the virus to his mistress who then traveled across the city of London, spreading the virus the whole way, back to her own home where her husband and children were then exposed to it as well.

Dr. Ferguson’s words claimed that COVID–19 would kill us all if we didn’t impose social distancing. His actions demonstrate that he doesn’t believe this.

And it’s not too surprising. Recent revelations have revealed that the entire hysteria surrounding the threat of serious complications stemming from COVID–19 infections was misguided.

The Unnecessary Economic Armageddon

Recent reports have revealed the following:

  1. COVID–19 was in the U.S. and the rest of the world for MONTHS before the experts claimed.
  2. Over 50% of COVID–19 cases had no symptoms.[4] While some 80% of them had mild symptoms.[5]
  3. Over 90% of the people who required hospitalization had other chronic conditions.[6]
  4. Between one–fifth and one–half of deaths came from nursing homes.[7]
  5. The actual real mortality rate is roughly that of the bad flu.
  6. The reason New York, New Jersey, and California were such disaster zones for COVID–19 was because those states made the disastrous decision to send infected patients BACK to nursing homes![8]

And we imploded the entire economy because of this!

Again… the illness is real and horrible… but the hysteria around the actual risk of this illness killing millions was Liberal Media Fearmongering.

Liberal Media Fearmongering

Indeed, if you’ve been listening to the liberal media in recent weeks, you’d think we’re in the midst of some horrifying medieval plague…

That tens of millions of Americans are about to perish from COVID–19.

But what if it was all just an overhyped “crisis”?

And what if the ultimate result of the media’s fearmongering was an investment opportunity that only comes around once in a generation?

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Best Regards,

Graham Summers
Editor, Money & Crisis







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