The Major Bull Market That No One’s Talking About

Quietly and with little fanfare, gold just hit its highest levels in seven years.

Chart: Gold Soars to New Heights

And the precious metal is outperforming stocks dramatically this year. The S&P 500 remains down 6%… gold is UP almost 17%.

Heck, gold is even outperforming TECH stocks by 200% (the NASDAQ is up 8%).

Chart: Gold is Dramatically Outperforming Stocks

I say “quietly” because you’d think that gold’s outperformance would be getting plenty of attention, but you’d be wrong.

An Under-the-Radar Overachiever

The financial media continues to focus on tech stocks like Apple and Microsoft. It’s almost impossible to find a time where CNBC or other financial media outlets even bother mentioning gold… despite the fact that it’s outperforming the best stock market sector by 200%!

And bear in mind, gold priced in US dollars is actually lagging behind its performance when priced in other currencies. Priced in other major currencies – yen, euros, and francs – gold has already hit all-time highs!

Chart: Gold is Skyrocketing Against Major Currencies

So… what does this mean?

Strategic Investments Only

Gold is in a new major bull market. And that bull market is being fueled by money printing.

Globally central banks have already printed $5 trillion worth of new money in the last three months. And this doesn’t count the trillions more in stimulus money sovereign governments are issuing.

Humanity has used gold as a store of value for 5,000 years. As such, gold is a kind of currency that cannot be printed. So as governments and central banks compete in a game of competitive devaluation with their paper currencies, it’s not surprising that gold is entering a major bull market.

I expect this trend to continue. Which is why gold remains one of the key focuses for subscribers of my Strategic Impact newsletter.

Indeed, I recently told them about a relatively unknown play on gold that gives them broad exposure to a basket of mining companies. And as I write this, it’s showing strength.

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Graham Summers
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