Are Central Banks Rigging the Market?

Stocks exploded higher yesterday with what I believe was a massive intervention coming around 11:30AM.

Chart: S&P 500 on September 2

As impressive as this intervention was, it was NOTHING compared to the one that I’m convinced hit FANG stocks. The FANG index soared over 3% when the intervention hit at 11:30AM.

Chart: FANG Index on September 2

This has been the overall theme since the market bottom in March. The big FANG stocks continue to rally higher and higher, driven by “someone” who wants to drive the markets higher no matter what the real economy is doing.

Take a look at the difference in performance between the FANGs and the S&P 500.

Chart: FANG Stocks Are Outpacing the S&P 500

This begs the questions….

Why are these same companies outperforming so much?

And why is it that every time the market starts to breakdown, the FANGs explode higher?

Well, my research has shown me that it’s because these are the companies that central banks are buying. Now, of course this is something none of us can know for sure.

But together these companies account for over 20% of the stock market. So, if central banks can get them to rally, the rest of the market will follow.

That’s why I think positioning yourself in anticipation of these moves is the #1 trading strategy going forward.

I show you how it’s done in this short video right here.

These rapid moves in the market are what I call “2-hour profit windows.”

But by taking advantage of them, it could have a BIG impact on your finances.

Don’t miss out, click here to learn how to take advantage.

Best Regards,

Graham Summers
Editor, Money & Crisis

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