About Phoenix Press

Phoenix Press — a franchise within Laissez Faire Books, LLC — is an independent publisher of financial research. It’s dedicated to helping people discover investment opportunities no matter the state of the economy, markets, or political landscape. 

The genesis of the site — and all the research services it offers — comes from the celebrated economist, Graham Summers. 

Graham has spent the last 15 years building a reputation as one of the most sought after and highly respected investment strategists on the planet. 

His work has been read and quoted by former Presidential advisors, award-winning institutional analysts, U.S. Senators, and more.

He is an expert at uncovering the “big picture” for the global economy — and the best ways to profit for investors. 

In fact, he is one of the few analysts on record to have predicted the Great Financial Crisis of 2008.

And Graham’s other major calls have included:

  • The subprime housing meltdown and Great Recession (2007)
  • The bull market in precious metals (2006-2011)
  • The Greek sovereign debt crisis (2012-2014)
  • BREXIT (2016)

Before founding Phoenix Press, he previously founded Phoenix Capital Research, an independent investment research firm located in Washington, DC.  with over 23,000 clients located in 60 countries. 

A renowned communicator and strategist, Graham has presented his views on business and finance to audiences in Aspen, Playa Del Carmen, Dubai, Lima, Zurich, and elsewhere. 

His insights have been featured on MoneyTalk Radio, Crain’s New York Business, Financial Life Radio, CNN Money, Marketwatch, NY Post, Denver Post, Huffington Post, Rolling Stone, Reuters, TD Ameritrade Network, Ron Paul Liberty Report, and others.

Additionally, Graham is the best-selling author of The Everything Bubble: The Endgame For Central Bank Policy, which obtained “best-seller” status within one day of publication.

Through his research, Graham will cover everything from geopolitics to international trade to economics, and most importantly, how to make money from what’s coming down the pike. 

Phoenix Press represents the culmination of his investing experience and expertise, and he’s proud to be sharing it with you.