Graham SummersGraham Summers

Editor Graham Summers has spent the last 15 years building a reputation as one of the most sought after and highly respected investment strategists on the planet. His work has been read and quoted by former Presidential advisors, award-winning institutional analysts, U.S. Senators, and more. He’s one of the few analysts on the planet to have correctly predicted on record the 2008 Financial Crash.

Two Charts Every Investor Needs to See Today

Stocks continue to ignore what’s happening around us: 40 million unemployed, an economic depression, and societal collapse. As I mentioned to you yesterday, the markets continue to focus almost exclusively on the Fed’s money printing. It’s complete insanity, and extremely dangerous. Every day that this continues, the odds of a crash hitting the markets again...

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Stocks Only Care About One Thing Right Now

The market continues to climb a wall of worry. Stocks rose again yesterday despite widespread riots and violence in the US. I think this is ridiculous, but as I keep telling my clients, “It’s not what we think, but what the market thinks that matters.” And the markets think stocks are going HIGHER. Indeed, the...

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